Team kRC2

Here you will find all the equipment kRC2, who maintains and monitors the web, such as applications and social networks.

Natalia Reyn

She is the Chief Manager at kRC2, Admnistrar handles, manage, such as web applications and social networks, ensures that everything works fine, responsible for directing, general administration, customer support.

She likes everything goes well, she is the one who gives the orders here, do not let it happen any errors, She is responsible for coordinating, and maintaining web applications and collaterally with coworkers.                                                    

Jonathan Salazar

He is the CEO at kRC2, is responsible for editing the website, and to monitor applications, administers social networks, is also responsible for customer support, ensures that all do their job.

He likes kRC2 productivity, as workers, is charged with Natalia, the work of web applications.
He is responsible for repair most of the errors that occur immediately, while the areas of Web, users, Administration, Apps and more